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River Roma - Via Mantova 1

River Roma
Rome Bristot

la nostra storia il nostro percorso...
our history our path ...

River Roma Bistrot


The Bistrot River Rome is the first location born with the redevelopment of the historic Peroni brewery built in 1898, located behind Piazza Fiume.

River Rome is a reality affirmed for years in the restaurant world. We are at Via Mantova 1, in the center of Rome.

The River is the right answer for all those who, with the frenetic rhythms of every day, are looking for a real break where they can comfortably relax in a small armchair in front of an excellent aperitif, or enjoy a light, fresh and tasty lunch, or simply to take a coffee surfing the internet using the Wi-Fi network that the "River" provides completely free.

River Bistrot is a river of ........ ideas

River gives you the opportunity, at more than modest prices, to taste the many delicacies prepared at the moment by the Master Chef Luca. The attention in the service and the refined compositions make elegant indoor and outdoor rooms an ideal environment of peace where you can relax away from traffic, parked cars and smog.


You have finished working and do not want to do at home?

From 6.30pm our Happy Hour begins, with only 10.00 euros you can choose the drink you prefer, listen to our best selection of music and eat from our characteristic Buffer Evening, whatever you want and when you want!


Do you want to celebrate your birthday or an important anniversary?

We give you the opportunity to book all the local "River" or just a part of it, even for more than 100 people.
Music, all the staff of the River at your disposal, many delicacies for you and your guests, our best Cocktails, the magic of torches and decorations.

This is the River this is the difference!